Monday, October 29, 2007

I Am Iran -- Do Not Bomb Me

The best anti-war slogan for Iranian-Americans is "I Am Iran -- Do Not Bomb Me." Here are two photographs with signs that say just that (plus one that shows a really lovely young woman) seen at the 27 October 2007 demonstration in San Francisco.

I Am Iran -- Do Not Bomb Me

Stay Out of Iran

I Am Iran -- Do Not Bomb Me

Photo by Jahanshah Javid ("'I Am Iran, Do Not Bomb Me': Photo Essay: San Francisco Anti-war Rally,", 28 October 2007)

Comments left on Javid's photo essay at show, however, that Iranian-Americans are far from united around this slogan.

One commentator observed: "Imagine if it was a gugush concert. More would show up. That's sad." True, but this is just a beginning. More Iranian-Americans will rediscover their love for Iran.

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