Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Idealists and Materialists

Islam is the only medium of effective internationalism that can resist the empire on the front line of the Great Game of the 21st century: an energy hunt in the context of the declining dollar hegemony. Secular leftists have become decisively marginalized in nations of the MENA region, and secular leftists elsewhere, even those in Latin America, lack transnational infrastructure that Muslims have built over time to move money, manpower, hardware, and software for resistance in the region. Ironically, it is "idealists," Muslims, who have material means to combat the empire in its chosen battlefield, whereas in most cases "materialists," secular leftists, have only ideas. Muslims alone can only resist and cannot prevail, however. In the end, everything depends on the Russians and the Chinese, "materialists" of another category altogether.

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CEJ said...

As a materialist, of sorts, I don't believe it is possible to live a life of 'idealism'. Muslims live their religion everyday. Therefore, they are materialists.

In the Islamic tradition, God creates man from a 'clot of blood'.
That is a more intriguing materailist version of our creation into existence than the 'dust' one.
But ultimately both are materialist.