Friday, October 19, 2007

Armenians, Dalai Lama, and Other Good News

Check this out: Neela Banerjee, "Armenian Issue Presents a Dilemma for U.S. Jews" (New York Times, 19 October 2007). The Armenian genocide resolution, alienating Turks from Washington and putting the ADL, the AJC, and Co. (who oppose it because "Israel’s relationship with Turkey is the second most important, after its relationship with the United States" in the words of ADL national director Abraham H. Foxman) in hot water, is a Democratic gift that just keeps giving. They should bring one up every year! Meanwhile, the Congress also gave Dalai Lama a Congressional Gold Medal, angering China: "Strong Protest Lodged over US Congress Award to Dalai Lama" (China Daily, 19 October 2007). Perfect. If only they could also call for an international tribunal of the killings of Anna Politkovskaya and Alexander Litvinenko or do something equally foolish!

At the same time, Indian Communists are making themselves useful. On the front page of the Hindu today: "Left Parties Will Not Allow India to Be Junior Partner of U.S., Says Karat" (19 October 2007); and "Manmohan Rules Out Resignation" (19 October 2007), which means that the Indo-US nuclear deal is dead.

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