Friday, March 07, 2008

We Are with Them and against Them

Should self-respecting anti-imperialists attend the "Global Day of Action" for "workers' rights in Iran" (N.B. no such global day of action for workers under the Israeli occupation or the Arab governments that are friends of the empire) and other events like it organized by the empire's labor bureaucracy?

A UK organization called Hands off the People of Iran (HOPOI) tries to have it both ways: "'Supporters of Hands Off the People of Iran will be taking part in the day of action on March 6 to highlight the plight of Iranian trade unionists currently languishing in the prisons of the regime (Ossanlou, Salehi and many others). However, we draw the line at politically endorsing these protests" ("What Sort of Solidarity Do Workers in Iran Need? Why We Cannot Politically Support the Day of Action on March 6 2008").

In other words, we are with them and against them. Very funny.

But, you know what, events such as the "Global Day of Action" in question are essentially photo ops, and labor imperialists don't care whether or not you "politically endorse" their events as long as you show up and get into their pictures for PR purposes.

Judging by the turnouts visible in the photos, they no doubt needed all the help they could get, even from a marginal sect such as HOPOI.

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