Thursday, March 27, 2008

Iranian Ethnic Minorities Clash on Capitol Hill! Would-be Regime Changers Unable to Unite!

Check this out:
A March 13 event on Capitol Hill intended to expose Iran’s human rights violations was overcome with political rivalry and infighting. The event, a one-hour briefing on Iran’s human rights record, was eventually broken up by Capitol Hill police officers.

The briefing piggy backed on a recent rise in concern over Iran’s human rights abuses, and attempted to unite several Iranian ethnic and religious minority groups. The event, hosted by the Iran Working Group and The Leadership Council for Human Rights (LCHR), was aimed at uniting some of the many factions inside Iran, but fell apart due to internal rivalries. (Arash Hadjialiloo, "Iranian Ethnic Minorities Clash on Capitol Hill," National Iranian American Council, 26 March 2008)
Be sure to read the whole article -- it's thoroughly delightful.

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