Saturday, March 22, 2008

Barack Obama Made Up Your Bed

After the sad end of the 2004 presidential elections, I thought to myself: in 2008, there won't be the same stampede on the (broadly defined) Left toward the Democratic Party. George W. Bush, by then a lame duck, can't be the sublime object of fear and loathing that unites a great multitude of left-of-center Americans. The likely Democratic nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton, reminds many -- especially men -- of the teacher they hated in elementary school.


The Democratic Party has come up with a man who inspires not just "hope" but fantasy, of the sort affectionately satirized by a popular Web site "Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle," which, with each click, displays a new Obama fantasy, like this:

Barack Obama Made Up Your Bed

For all our long-standing tradition of fighting imperialism, leftists have yet to figure out how to fight an imperialist who is easy on the eye.

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