Thursday, July 15, 2004

A Letter to the Black Caucus from a Black Woman Living in South Central

This just in from the San Francisco Bay View (July 14, 2004), the best Black newspaper in the nation:
A Letter to the Black Caucus from a Black Woman Living in South Central

by Donna J. Warren

"We respect your right to run, Mr. Nader. Withdraw." -- Elijah Cummings, chair of the Congressional Black Caucus of the United States House of Representatives

To Rep. Cummings and members of the Black Caucus,

You demanded independent candidates Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo withdraw from the presidential race in favor of NAFTA approving, Iraq invading, Afghanistan bombing, Sudanese pharmaceutical plant bombing, right-wing Israeli prime minister and convicted murderer Ariel Sharon supporting, impeachment of George W. Bush for the forced removal of democratically elected President Jean Bertrand Aristide refusing, and mandatory minimum sentencing supporting -- John Kerry.

Kerry's contempt for human rights, international law, arms control and the United Nations is unforgivable.

"Anyone but Bush" was your cry when Nader and Camejo visited your offices in late June. But let's be honest -- when Bush delivered lie after lie after lie during his state of the union addresses, it was the Democrats who stood and clapped. The Democrats made the monster George Bush!

You don't challenge the Democrats and Republicans in their abdication of our communities, but you challenge Nader and Camejo for fighting for our communities. During your meeting, you condemned Nader for choosing Camejo, who speaks Spanish fluently, because you fear Malcolm X's friend will take away your brown votes!

Peter Camejo changed the minds and hearts of Californians to oppose California's horrendous Three Strikes law during his campaign for governor. Three Strikes imprisons African Americans 12 to 1 for every white person for the same non-violent crime.

What have you done for us?

Does it matter to you that your constituents are hurt by redlining, lead-based paint poisoning, predatory lending, pay day loan rackets, and dirty meat? It matters to Ralph Nader.

Does it matter to you that student Nader challenged Harvard University when they published the lie that Blacks are inferior to whites? It matters to me.

Does it matter to you that only Nader campaigned in Ward 8 of the District of Columbia, exposing that 65,000 people live without a single supermarket, yet the District of Columbia has had Black mayors and a Black city council for the last 35 years? It matters to your constituents.

What are you afraid of? That Nader and Camejo may "mess up your little party" because they advocate for Black Americans and you don't.

"Anyone but Bush" is your mantra. But even if Bush self-destructs, how can you support John Kerry without demanding a mandate? Corporate interests pull the Democrats 24 hours a day. Without a mandate to pull John Kerry in a progressive direction, there's no way you can demand equity.

You told Ralph Nader you wanted him out of the race so Bush can't appoint another right-winger to the Supreme Court, but let's look at the record.
  • Kerry promises to appoint anti-abortion judges while professing to protect a woman's right to choose.

  • The Senate Democrats confirmed right-wing Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia 98-0. Not one Democratic senator, including Gore, opposed Scalia.

  • The Democrats could have blocked right-wing Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas' confirmation -- they were in control of the Senate - but 11 Democrats moved across the line to confirm Thomas 52-48 while Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell sat in his office twirling his thumbs.
You don't stop anything that hurts us!
  • You could have filibustered the tax cut for the wealthy, but you didn't.

  • You could have demanded gas efficient car engines, but instead you sanctioned the SUV and gave the auto companies an eight-year holiday without requiring better gas efficiency.

  • You could have opposed genetically engineering foods, the petroleum industry, and the WTO, but you didn't.

  • You could have opposed the federal crime bill which imprisons drug addicts for the drugs our government allowed to flow into the inner cities, but you didn't.

  • You could have opposed the "leave no child behind high stake multiple testing fraud," but instead you chose to sacrifice our children.

  • You could have said "no" to the Patriot Act, but you didn't.
You don't represent me!

In 2000, Congressman Julian Dixon sold me out like a $2 dollar whore when, as ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, he announced the CIA was not complicit in the destruction of the inner cities by crack cocaine. I'm tired of being sold out like a $2 dollar whore by Black people living the good life as my representative in our nation's capitol.

Thomas Paine said in the 1700s: "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace." Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo are voices taking on the trouble of our day so that we and future generations may have peace.

Get off your knees and demand the Democrats stop sabotaging the Nader-Camejo Campaign. Demand Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo be included in the debates. Don't go down like a punk. Remember the ancestors and stand tall!


Donna J. Warren, a constituent

Donna J. Warren is the Green Party candidate for lieutenant governor of California in 2002. She sued the CIA and the Department of Justice in 1998 for their complicity in the destruction of South Central by crack cocaine. She may be reached at

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