Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Greens for Nader!

Why support the Nader/Camejo campaign? There are many reasons, first of all to clearly oppose the bipartisan consensus for the wars, occupations, and empire and bring the opposition to the attention of masses of people who want to Bring the Troops Home Now -- a necessary condition for rebuilding anti-war, global justice, and other social movements whose voices have been drowned out by the Anybody But Bush loudspeakers.

The second reason is to support the Greens for Nader initiative.

It is the principled Greens working on the Nader/Camejo campaign -- not the fearful Cobb/LaMarche faction running to help elect John Kerry -- who have what it takes to grow the Green Party into a social force capable of displacing the Democratic Party and becoming the main political party of the working class and our allies.

Greens for Nader is now circulating a petition drafted by Peter Camejo, Matt Gonzalez, and Jason West to "protest the campaign against the voters by Democratic Party operatives trying to keep Ralph Nader & Peter Miguel Camejo off the ballot." Click on to sign the petition.


Porpentine said...

"have what it takes?" ....
while the Green Party of the United states owes its entire history to its commitmtnet to politic with Ralph nader in '96 and 2000, campaigning off-party now weakens and unfermines any benefit so far derived.

Greens in most states can and must vot on the Green Partyballot line to have any chance of continuing to build an alternative and progressive party. A vote for nader in 2004 is merely a distraction.

In the eight or ten contested states, a vote for Nader is a real protest vote. In those states, that vote really means you think that george Bush is a better choice than John Kerry. By all means, vote your conscience.

Anonymous said...

A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush.

There's a reason Republicans are donating to his campaign.