Monday, July 19, 2004

The Anti-Nader Reader

In this election cycle, Ralph Nader's electoral face has launched a thousand anti-Nader articles and websites. What possible use can we make of anti-Nader ephemera? Toss them into the dustbin of history as we move on, without looking back? That would be a shame. They are a great cornucopia of typical tropes of the hegemonic ideology dead set against any independent political action unsanctioned by the ruling class -- the tropes sure to be recycled in 2008, 2012, 2016, ad infinitum, as slaves of the Democratic Party suffer from the poverty of vocabulary. I propose, therefore, that we collect them, analyze them qualitatively and quantitatively, and publish them as The Anti-Nader Reader, in the sprit of, say, Mark Crispin Miller's The Bush Dyslexicon. If nothing else, The Anti-Nader Reader will be a monument to the bad faith of those who submit themselves to voluntary mental slavery.

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Josh said...

Please sign me up for this effort. I would very interested in working on this project and, if not publishing it, at least giving it a home on the web. Feel free to visit my weblog, Critical Notes, and send me an email so we can talk.