Saturday, January 19, 2008

Every Day Is Ashura, Every Land Is Karbala

Listen to "Salam bar Hossein," sung by Sadegh Ahangaran, to commemorate the day of Ashura.

Via Ihsan

Ali Shariati said, "Every day is Ashura, every land is Karbala." It means the same thing as Karl Marx's answer to John Swinton (John Swinton, "Karl Marx," The Sun, 6 September 1880):
"What is?" I had inquired, to which, in deep and solemn tone, he replied: "Struggle!"
PS: Several other songs by Ahangaran are made available at the Web site of Radio Iran.


sofrehmahi said...

thanks for posting this. the "every day is ashura and every land is karbala" quote comes originally from imam ja'far al-sadigh, the sixth imam of the shi'a and the namesake of the "ja'fari" school (e.g. the twelver shi'is).

Tony said...

I do not know if a fren,ch blog could interest you. A friend of mine blogs in French on Iran. His adress is
it means: "a belgian in the land of the Iranians".