Monday, December 24, 2007

Maradona Loves Iran

From Maradona to the People of IranA gift of love from the god of football to the people of Iran: Diego Maradona says, "Estoy con los iraníes de todo corazón, de verdad lo digo, lo digo porque lo siento y estoy con el pueblo de Irán [I'm with the Iranians, with all my heart. I mean it. I say it because I feel it. I stand with the people of Iran]," presenting Iran's charge d'affaires in Argentina Mohsen Baharvand with his token of love for Iran, a shirt that he autographed "Con todo mi cariño para el pueblo de Irán [With all my love for the people of Iran]" ("Con todo cariño," Olé, 24 December 2007).

Maradona's Message to the People of Iran

El Diez's shirt will be on display in the museum of gifts at Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, no doubt to the delight of his fans in Iran.

Eduardo Galeano said of Maradona: for many years he committed "el pecado de ser el mejor, el delito de denunciar a viva voz las cosas que el poder manda callar y el crimen de jugar con la zurda, lo cual, según el Pequeño Larousse Ilustrado, significa 'con la izquierda' y también significa 'al contrario de cómo se debe hacer' [the sin of being the best, the offense of loudly condemning the things that the powerful ordered silenced, and the crime of playing left-handed, which, according to The Little Illustrated Larousse, means being 'with the Left' and also means being 'contrary to what we are supposed to do']" (El Fútbol a sol y sombra, 1995). The man-child is still playing left-handed, after all these years.


suzannedk said...

Maradona has courage.

Iskra said...

as an Iranian who is fan on Maradona, i'm really ashamed by reading this news.
I just have some ideas that the people of Latin America believes whatever is against America is (angelic!).
but that's not true. believe me!
Propaganda and supporting the Islamic Fascist is NOT a anti-imperialism thing.
You have never experienced a middle age, theocratic, fascistic regime like Taliban or regime of Tehran.

in the end, if you are against the globalism or war or imperialism or ..., PLEASE propaganda for a regime that you have at least any ideas.

Yoshie said...

Ervand Abrahamian compared Khomeinists to "Latin American populists, especially the Peronists" (Khomeinism: Essays on the Islamic Republic, U of California P, 1993, p. 3). I'm sure Latin American leftists, especially ones from Argentina like Maradona, have clearer ideas about this type of populism than most leftists elsewhere.