Friday, May 12, 2006

Ahmadinejad as "die Sonne"

I was looking for videos of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I wanted to hear what he sounds like. There are a couple of good ones which have him looking all amiable and saying what he ought to be saying: "Ahmadinejad on People"; and "President Ahmadinejad Press Conference."

Then, I also found this one, "A music video made for President Ahmadinejad of Iran": "President Ahmadinejad Music Video.". The person who posted this video claims: "The video is not made by myself, I have no idea who the author is." That's a lie . . . or evidence of profound political cluelessness. The video is clearly made by Neo-Nazis trying to appropriate Ahmadinejad and the oppression of Palestinians for their despicable cause. Why do I know that? The video ends with a sequence that represents white Holocaust deniers -- Verbeke, Irving, Graf, Zundel, Rudolf -- as martyrs (superimposed on images of gun-toting IDF soldiers) and cuts to a logo of the Star of David with a legend: "Israel: Built on a Lie."

The video is set to Rammstein's "Sonne," and it cuts between scenes of Israeli oppressions of Palestinians, photographs and video clips of Ahmadinejad, and photos and video clips from mass electoral rallies for Ahmadinejad in Iran. It's edited to synchronize images of Ahmadinejad with the song's chorus:
"Hier kommt die Sonne
Hier kommt die Sonne
Sie ist der hellste Stern von allen
Hier kommt die Sonne"
[Here comes the Sun
Here comes the Sun
It is the brightest star of all
Here comes the Sun].
This really drives me up the wall! Does Ahmadinejad know that he is being used in this way? Fidel, you ought to have that talk with Ahmadinejad ASAP and bring the man to senses!

"Letter to Ahmadinejad" (12 May 2006)

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