Friday, May 12, 2006

Letter to Ahmadinejad

Really, I ought to give Fidel a call: "Hi, Fidel, you don't know me, but you knew Paul S, Paul B, Leo, and Harry, and I've inherited a piece of them. Here's what I implore you to do, for the good of Iranians, Palestinians, Jews, and the rest of us: talk sense into the President of Iran!" :-)

Or else write a letter to Ahmadinejad:
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful,

Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
President of the Islamic Republic of Iran,

Your excellency, I applaud your economic policy, defense of Iran's right to nuclear research, recent decree allowing women to attend sports events at stadiums, sympathy for US troops put into harm's way, and solidarity with Palestinians and other oppressed peoples. But, today, I write to you on a matter that concerns me and others who wish well for your republic: are you aware that Neo-Nazis are trying to appropriate your image and Palestinian suffering for their despicable cause? Please take a look at this music video: "President Ahmadinejad Music Video." Has it ever occurred to you, as you attend the World Cup in Germany next month, Neo-Nazis might try to hold a rally ostensibly for you and Palestinians, but really trying to promote only their anti-Semitic ideology? Imagine that spectacle! That's not good for you, Iranians, Palestinians, or anyone else for that matter except Washington and Tel Aviv! You would be no doubt aghast at it yourself. Please issue a statement -- before you take off for Germany -- that reiterates your solidarity with Palestinians, condemns Neo-Nazis, and extends your support to Jewish leftists in Israel and the diaspora who are fighting for one Palestine with equal rights and freedoms for Palestinians, Jews, and others.

Take good care of yourself, and please send my regards to your wife and Messers. Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and Evo Morales.




Mike Ballard said...

Did you send it yet? If not, don't forget to mention the women who were attacked by police on March 8th as they demonstrated for equal rights in Iran.

Mike B)

Yoshie said...

Whether Ahmadinejad can change the treatment of women for the better essentially depends on whether he can demote clerics out of power, in a passive revolution or by other means. There is no shortcut.

Mike Ballard said...

Women will never have equal rights in Iran until Islam becomes a quaint reflection of the past. The theological brain police are in control now. I was talking to my pal in Iran the other day. She had just finished watching "War of the Worlds" with the scenes of the U.S. military in it, censored out. Theocrats hate criticism. Keep needling them with jokes about their dogmatic simplicities.

magnus said...

And then Chaves went on a trip to see first Catro and then the Belarus ice cold dictator and then Ahmadinejad with whom he was extra friendly and made large scale business deal with.

You are just too naive!