Saturday, December 11, 2004

National Labor Media Is within Reach

The International Labor Communications Association, the professional organization of labor communicators in North America whose members produce publications with a total circulation in the tens of millions, says that the "National Labor Media Is within Reach," financially speaking:

National Labor Media


jazzman said...

it would be great to see a national labor media. my concern is that it without activism within the labor movement, a labor media could be as conservative and lame as "solidarity", the monthly newsmagazine that i used to receive from the united auto workers. during the 2000 presidential race, the UAW local that i belong to endorsed nader and the greens. "solidarity", being completely a mouthpiece of the union leadership, not only failed to report this fact, but wouldn't even publish letters to the editor supportive of nader. the same publication also backed the war against afghanistan, and is unable to utter a critical word against the democrats. there's no more room for dissent than at george w. bush's orchestrated rallies.
let's have a national labor media, but let's make sure that it's progressive.

Yoshie said...

True, magnifying a crappy newsletter into a crappy daily newspaper is no solution, though probably a crappy labor newspaper is about ten times better than a crappy bourgeois paper (it's like having a sorry trade union is ten times better than working at a non-union shop). Your local sounds fabulous, Jazzman! What needs to happen first of all is rank-and-file workers getting involved in their own locals' affairs everywhere and asserting their control over international unions, before we can get to have a labor newspaper that won't be a mouthpiece of labor bureaucrats and the Democratic Party.