Friday, December 10, 2004

Gatas Parlament

Listen to the music of Gatas Parlament, a Norwegian communist rap group, whose satirical website was shut down by Norwegian police ("The US embassy in Oslo reported the site to Norwegian police, who then removed the contents of the site on 29 October and replaced it with a copy of the police closure order" [Jemima Kiss, "US Authorities Put a Cap on the Rap," November 2004]) :

Gatas Parlament

If you like what you hear, you can vote for the band at ALARMPRISEN:


"Please click on the button to the right of the screen that says 'Gatas Parlament. Fred, frihet og alt gratis,'" politely requests Elling Borgersrud of Gatas Parlament ("Help the Rap-communists Win!" December 9, 2004, forwarded to LBO-talk by John Mage). In the same message, Borgersrud also claims: "on top of the fact that we are the good-guys, the incredibly good looking, left wing, charming boys, we allso [sic] make the best music, if there should be any doubt about that" (December 9, 2004).

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