Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Vote for Nader = Vote for Camejo!

I just watched the June 21 press conference where Ralph Nader announced Peter Miguel Camejo as his vice presidential candidate on C-SPAN. Skip Kevin Zeese's and Nader's introductions, and listen to Camejo. Just really listen to the man. Camejo is terrific.

On top of the fact that a vote for John Kerry is a vote for John Kerry, i.e., a vote for wars and occupations, there is an even more compelling reason to vote for Nader, now that he has chosen Camejo as his running mate. The Nader/Camejo 2004 presidential election campaign will empower the left wing of the Green Party and give Camejo wider name recognition, far beyond the state of California, laying the groundwork for the exciting Camejo 2008 presidential campaign.

I look forward to 2008, when Camejo will challenge the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates to televised debates in Spanish!

Vote for Nader 2004 = Vote for Camejo 2008!

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