Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Boyd Made V Crisis Void

In response to an infamous Internet troll Michael Pugliese's recycling of V Crisis's libelous and defamatory insinuations at a political discussion listserv LBO-talk, I posted my blog entry "V Crisis Attacks Greg Wilpert, Etc." there. My LBO-talk posting led to a brief exchange between the LBO-talk moderator Doug Henwood and yours truly: Doug's questions and my reply.

The exchange between us prompted Doug to directly confront Aleksander Boyd of V Crisis.
[lbo-talk] crap from the V Crisis dude
Doug Henwood
Wed Jun 16 13:09:27 PDT 2004

Prompted by Yoshie's post, I wrote the V-Crisis dude:

>I don't get this:
>"London 14 Jun. 04 - The file is here folks, just arrived. With
>great anticipation I cracked the envelope open to read the material
>sent by the Foreign Agents Registration Unit and the findings, oh
>the bliss!! Todd Tucker, Marc Weisbrot, Greg Wilpert, Eva Golinger,
>Deborah James, Bill Fletcher, Kim Bartley they are all in there. My
>long and deeply held apprehension has just been confirmed for the
>aforementioned 'impartial' observers and experts are nothing but

>propaganda mouths of the Bolivarian Revolution. So let me start with
>the basics."
>As far as I can tell you don't provide any detail on or
>documentation for your claims. Are Tucker, Fletcher, Weisbrot, et
>al, actually in the pay of the Venezuelan government? You make it
>sound that way, but you offer no support.

To which he responded:

> I guess you should be addressing that question to them, leftist
>friends of yours Mr Henwood.
>Aleksander Boyd
>+ 44(0)207 3870189
>+ 44(0)7958 425670


So I take this to mean he has no evidence and he's circulating lies.

By coincidence, Todd Tucker will be dropping by my office in an hour or so. I'll be sure to take this up with him.

Doug's original LBO-posting is available at the LBO-talk archive. Let it be noted here, too, that, when challenged to show evidence for his insinuations, Boyd was unable to produce anything. Nada. Boyd himself made V Crisis void.

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