Wednesday, June 23, 2004

To Be Young, Cosmopolitan, and Muslim

There are many blogs published by liberal cosmopolitan Muslims, some of them consciously designed to make cultural interventions in the affairs of their own communities as well as matters of national and international politics.

One of the noteworthy cosmopolitan Muslim blogs is Islamicate, which, among other things, recently weighed in on the gay marriage question: "The Reel News" (February 2004) and "Marriage Is a Gay Event" (June 2004).

HijabMan -- who just graduated from a four-year state university, having studied "Psychology, Middle Eastern Studies, and Women's Studies," and who says his long-term goal is to become "a full-time, paid, dancing imam of a mosque" -- is another, and he may soon make an appearance in the New York Times Magazine: "Salafis, LGBTQ Muslims, and LittleAfghaniGirl, Part 1: Friday Prayer" (June 20, 2004) and "Salafis, LGBTIQ Muslims, and LittleAfghaniGirl, Part 2: LGBTIQ Muslims" (June 21, 2004). A very charming blog.

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