Wednesday, June 16, 2004

V Crisis Attacks Greg Wilpert, Etc.

Those who do not like the Bolivarian Revolution sometimes go to absurd extremes to attack their opponents. Here is one example.

Aleksander Boyd of V Crisis/ProVeO made a series of defamatory and libelous statements against "Todd Tucker, Marc Weisbrot, Greg Wilpert, Eva Golinger, Deborah James, Bill Fletcher, Kim Bartley," daring to put the most baseless and offensive insinuations on the V Crisis' front page: Aleksander Boyd, "The 'Impartial' Advocates of Venezuela'$ Hugo Chavez" (June 14, 2004); and "The 'Impartial' Advocates of Venezuela'$ Hugo Chavez, Part II" (June 15, 2004). I doubt that anyone gets impressed by Boyd's ludicrous insinuation that those who have been contacted by the Venezuela Information Office are "nothing but propaganda mouths of the Bolivarian Revolution" (Boyd, June 14, 2004), especially since the VIO contacts all notable individuals who cover Venezuela, including reporters from major US and international papers, as it should.

Unfortunately, not just Google but also Google News crawls over V Crisis and includes V Crisis articles in search results. The consolation is that Boyd's bizarre ramblings cannot but serve to discredit V Crisis.

Boyd's organization "ProVeO is an ONG legally registered in London, Uk, incorporation No. 4706973, and therefore bound to British laws. Vcrisis is the news outlet of ProVeO" (Aleksander Boyd, "Disclaimer"), so his statements may be actionable under the British libel law. Does anyone know if Boyd or his organization has a lot of money?

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