Thursday, February 11, 2010

Iran: The Islamic Revolution Defeats Western Hopes for Regime Change

. . . and Hashemi's hopes for a palace coup.

Iran Celebrates the 31st Anniversary of
the Islamic Revolution
Green Wave* Ebbs

Having defeated the Western hopes for regime change and the endogenous upper-class hopes for a palace coup, Salomes of Iran will have a better chance to fight for freedom.

سبز شدیم در این خاک از سالومه

*   For the social and political character of the Green Wave, consult Iran's Last Marxist Nasser Zarafshan: Setareh Derakhshesh, "Interview with Dr. Nasser Zarafshan and Farrokh Negahdar" (VOA Persian, 6 January 2010).


Naj said...

Bus unionists get behind the green movement, PUBLICALLY

Naj said...

Can you see these pictures?

I just noticed teh first line of your post

Hashemi's hope for palace coup! I wonder if the video I posted on my blog has modified yoru opinion about that?

Yoshie said...

What was reported by Tehran Bureau to be the Vahed bus drivers' call for action has turned out to be a forgery, and Tehran Bureau has issued a correction: "It now appears that the poster was not authentic and that the union's leadership had not issued the statement, whose provenance remains unclear. . . . [T]he union requested that the falsity of the statement be made public and that henceforth no reference would be made to it."

As for Rafsanjani, his financial backing of the Mousavi campaign* and the initial stance he took after the rise of post-election protests are an indication of his ambition. But he just wanted to overthrow the Ahmadinejad faction, rather than the Islamic Republic itself (from which he has benefited and still benefits).

* "Mr. Rafsanjani’s 39-year-old son, Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani, directs the sophisticated electoral effort [for Mousavi] based at Islamic Azad University, which was founded by his father. It is here that the young women, paid $20 to $25 a day, can be seen at all hours assembling data to help election monitors observe the vote on Friday."