Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hassan Nasrallah: Israel Is at an Impasse


CEJ said...

More power to Nasrallah. At least here is someone who is willing to lead a people who stand up to the warpigs of zion.

CEJ said...

Israel clearly IS at an impasse. The pro-zionist regime of Barrage Obushwa took Nitwityukpoop's words at face value. Nitwityukpoop doesn't regret the substance of the announcement of more settlements, he doesn't regret the announcement, he regrets the TIMING of the announcement. The consensus of the rulers of Israel isn't even for some near-non-existent micro-territory of Palestine. They want a greater Israel that includes more of S. Lebanon and east over to Jordan. They plan to turn Gaza into a solar cell farm, desalination plant, and army tank range. And the warpigs of zion had hoped that the US would be so distracted with Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Sudan, they would never get around to calling their bluff on a 'two-state' solution. I would suspect the only reason the bluff has been called is France requested it.