Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Indian Left on Energy and Sovereignty

The Left in India has gotten great political mileage out of the question of energy and sovereignty -- the India-US nuclear deal and the Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline deal -- making the most of its veto power:
Ahead of the joint meeting on the India-US civil nuclear deal next week, the Left has said that the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline's fate will prove how independent India's foreign policy is under the present dispensation.

"If the pipeline deal goes through, then we will know we have an independent foreign policy," Communist Party of India leader A B Bardhan said.

"If the pipeline deal does not go through, it would mean the American pressure has won," Bardhan declared, while alluding to American opposition to the three-nation gas pipeline. ("After N-deal, Left Puts Government to Iran Pipeline Test," Times of India, 4 May 2008)

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