Wednesday, November 28, 2007

CIA in Venezuela: Operación Tenaza published a Spanish translation of a confidential memo that Michael Middleton Steere of the US Embassy wrote for the CIA, which reveals a plan to sabotage the 2 December 2007 referendum on the constitutional reform in Venezuela, codenamed "Operación Tenaza" [Operation Pincers]: "Operación Tenaza: Informe confidencial de la CIA devela plan de saboteo al referéndum del 2 de diciembre" (27 November 2007). See James Petras's analysis of the memo: "CIA Venezuela Destabilization Memo Surfaces" (CounterPunch, 28 November 2007). Eva Golinger says she will see to it that "the original document in English will be available in the public sphere soon for viewing and authenticating purposes" ("Operation 'Pliers,'" Postcards from the Revolution, 28 November 2007). Stay tuned.

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