Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cited by Henry A. Giroux and Sophia A. McClennen

I just noticed that my blog entry "Conservatives: Underrepresented in Academia?" (Critical Montages, 2 April 2005) was cited by Henry A. Giroux in his article "Academic Freedom Under Fire: The Case for Critical Pedagogy" (College Literature 33.4, Fall 2006: 1-42). The same entry has also been cited in Sophia A. McClennen, "The Geopolitical War on U.S. Higher Education" (College Literature 33.4, Fall 2006: 43-75). I admire their work, so I'm happy to learn that they found my blog useful.

Another blog entry of mine, "Working-class Academics" (Critical Montages, 5 December 2004), has been mentioned in Radical Teacher (March 2005): "Right/left Campus Monopolies." I like this magazine, too, so I'm delighted to be included in it.

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