Sunday, April 03, 2005

Trench Art from Iraq

Here's a piece of trench art that Cory Doctorow says is "being circulated among soldiers stationed in Iraq":
You Sent Me to Iraq!  You Bastards!!
("South Park-infringing Trench Art from Iraq," Boing Boing 1 Apr. 2005)

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Dave Riley said...

Kenny, Kyle and a Trojan Jackass

In my rush to share Kenny's predicament with the world in my last post (below if you are on the index page) I didn't expect the image to resonate so wildy with either this blog as a resource or others. I got wind of the image off Yoshie Furuhashi's blog who got it from Boing Boing through a post by Cory Doctorow(as I listed). And since then The Disillusioned kid has disseminated the image from home in down town Nottingham UK......

(ON South Park's stand on the war...)

When the episode finishes with the general cry-- "For the war, against, the war, WHO CARES?? One hundred episodes!"-- you feel yourself being as cynical about South Park as its creators are about the rest of us.

At least Kenny, despite his mumbling, has since redeemed himself by being conscripted into protest mode at the behest of US military personnel serving in Iraq. Not to be outdone,Kyle already had a tour of duty he could lay claim to:

(IMAGE of Kyle "Trench art")

CAPTION:A patch featuring Kyle from South Park which was showing up on helmet bags and off duty clothing in Afghanistan during 2004.

....then onto Stan Goff