Tuesday, November 30, 2004

"Proud of Britain": Googlebombing New Labour

From The Virtual Stoa, Lenin's Tomb, Dead Men Left, and Jews Sans Frontieres, I got wind of the Labour Party's new shameless campaign, which asks you to tell them "what makes you proud of Britain" ("Disclaimer: The Labour Party may edit your comments and cannot guarantee that all emails will be published"):
Googlebomb New Labour
Be sure to link to http://www.proudofbritain.net/ and http://www.proud-of-britain.org.uk/.

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Anonymous said...


Pretty unbelievable. No doubt Blair's government wishes to find out what makes me proud of Britain (Charles Darwin and Chartism maybe) in order to feed the public understanding of 'Britishness' back to them and thus encourage loyal patriotism. At any rate, this is nothing new. Anyone living in Britain over the last couple of years will not have failed to notice the glut of programming and mass media celbrating 'the best of British', that is, the greatest things this great Great Britain has produced since the Beatles, and even before. This buzz, I imagine, began to be catalysed with the propaganda of the first New Labour government suggesting the existence of 'Cool' (not 'Cruel', cool) Brittania. Yikes. I never liked Britpop.