Thursday, November 18, 2004

Greens Shame Dems

I have heard some Greens voice a misgiving that the Green Party's support for a recount in Ohio may make the party look like a Democratic Party front.

Standing up for the most basic of democratic rights is, however, not only the right thing to do -- it has put the Green Party on the Black political map like never before:
The Greens, who don't stand to win anything except the respect and admiration of all decent people, raised nearly $150,000 in only four days to challenge George Bush’s unofficial 136,000 vote margin in each of Ohio's poll precincts. Kerry had the same option and plenty of cash on hand ($15 million in unspent campaign funds), but took the Skull and Bones path, fearing a contested outcome might damage the legitimacy of a system that he values just as dearly as his erstwhile opponent, George Bush -- Black voters be damned. There is no law against making a concession speech and getting a recount, but oligarchs like Kerry treasure stability above all else -- it keeps them on top. ("Greens Shame Dems," The Black Commentator 114, November 18, 2004)
The question is whether the Green Party can translate increasing Black recognition of the party into more active Black support for and participation in it.

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