Monday, November 22, 2004

Flames of Solidarity, from Nablus to Falluja

Notes from Palestine argues that, "when Palestinians watch the US and UK massacres on Al-Jazeera," they "understand better than most in the world what it would feel like to live in Fallujah," the sense of identification deepened by a feeling that "that the outside world -- whether Arab, Western or other -- has abandoned the people of Falluja to their fate" ("Solidarity with Falluja," Notes from Palestine, November 21, 2004). "Thus a call to the people of Falluja and Iraq that at least Nablus, Jabal An-Nar - the Mountain of Fire, stands in solidarity with them" -- the call photographically documented by Notes from Palestine (November 21, 2004):

'Al-Fallujah' spelt out in flames lights up the sky on Jabal Ash-shamliya, the mountain overlooking Nablus from the North.

With each letter ten metres high and the word 50 metres from right to left, the flames continue to be readable from the entire city long after being lit.

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