Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rafsanjani, Mousavi Vow Support to End Unrest

See how they have sold out sincere reformers of Iran: "Rafsanjani, Mousavi Vow Support to End Unrest" (Press TV, 25 June 2009)?

The only freedom that men like Rafsanjani and Mousavi care about is investor freedom, so Iranian reformers had no business lining up behind them against the will of the poorer two thirds of Iran, but all too many did. That is anti-democratic. This kind of incoherent anti-democratic coalition happens in every country where economic neoliberals succeed in conning
politico-social-cultural liberals and occasionally some foolish leftists into backing them, from Nepal to Venezuela, Thailand to Yugoslavia, Moldova to the OPTs.


Alexander said...

Ah yes, as we all know well, the poorer two thirds of Iran unanimously voted for Ahmadinejad and are at odds with reformers. That's why over a million protested in South Tehran, not to mention more than 20 other cities across Iran, including such areas as Esfahan's working-class districts, the holy city of Mashhad, largely poor and working class parts of Khuzestan province, and rural areas in Azarbaijan and Kordestan. In fact, Ahmadinejad and other conservatives were particularly unpopular in rural areas during the 1997, 2001, and 2005 elections.

It's an unfounded and reductionist myth to claim that the conflict in Iran is divided along class lines.

ডঃ নুরুল ইসলাম মনজুর said...

Agreed between the lines.
Thank you Yoshie.

SBU said...

Just a note of thanks to Yoshie for refusing to buckle under the torrent of abuse she's received for attempting to shed light on the situation in Iran.

And thanks to the people of Iran -- the ones who don't have access to Twitter, Facebook, and US-supplied "Green" paraphernalia -- for continuing to resist accommodation with imperialism.