Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Zimbabwe: MDC to Push for a "Transitional Government" That Stabilizes Economy with IMF Help

It's possible that a majority of Zimbabweans would prefer an IMF plan for economic stabilization to the inflation rate of "355,000 percent" (according to Bloomberg News yesterday). But is it worth dying for?
  • "Senior MDC figures say they will begin pushing in coming days for international backing for the creation of a transitional government -- possibly headed by an AU leader -- to sit for a limited period while organising fresh elections, stabilising the economy and alleviating food shortages" (James Blitz, Tom Burgis, and William Wallis, "International Pressure to Replace Mugabe Grows," Financial Times, 24 June 2008).

  • "Some MDC figures say the party is pushing for a transitional government, headed by an independent figure, possibly from abroad, to prepare for fresh elections and attempt to stabilise the economy with the help of the International Monetary Fund" (Tom Burgis, Tony Hawkins, and agencies, "UN Rules Fair Election Impossible in Zimbabwe," Financial Times, 24 June 2008).


Unknown said...

worth reading:

Michael Balter said...

Yoshie, are you saying that the ONLY "advantage" to a new government in Zimbabwe would be the opportunity to get IMF funds? That seems to imply that the people should simply accept Mugabe's iron rule, is he really the only alternative? There seems to be a distinct lack of concern about very basic freedoms in the country.

Yoshie said...

Those who support the ZANU-PF, like Stephen Gowans, fail to understand that its mismanagement of economy, even more than repression, has cost it the support of a majority of Zimbabwe.

Those who support the MDC fail to understand that its reliance on the Western governments means that its program will be more shaped by them than the interests of the people of Zimbabwe, including its own rank-and-file supporters.

As for freedom, I don't expect any more freedom after Mugabe than under him.