Saturday, April 12, 2008

Separatism of the Day

I just searched Google News for "Tibet" and "Darfur": 90,444 results for Tibet and 17,442 for Darfur. Tibet is apparently now the most powerful red herring of the PMC "human rights" set. Before them it was Kosovo. Kosovo's Google News results are 13,616 today, though, gaining on Darfur. That unfinished business may come back into fashion if Russia acts up. The West loves separatism (except separatists of their own nations or their client states): "Small Is Beautiful" as far as it is concerned.

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Saeed Uri said...

This is something that is always on my mind. For instance, India and the way they treat the Dalit community is ignored, while the US congress constantly blasts China for human rights. Also the movement for a free Kashmir has not been embraced like other movements elsewhere across the world including Tibet. We do not condemn India for its abuses but sign nuclear proliferation agreements with them. This can be found across the globe and has really destroyed the credibility of the US. The backlash that it will create will be much worse than what it has felt recently coming out of South America.