Thursday, August 03, 2006

Worse than Iran's Parliament

Those of you who read the Marxism list archive know: the moderator speedily reversed my purge after I posted "Socialist Men, Muslims, and the 'Woman Question'" putting his feminist credential into question.

Even with me back, though, the listserv, as well as many other listservs on the Left, still has fewer regular women participants than Iran's parliament (4.1% of Iran's MPs are women according to Inter-Parliamentary Union).


Then, Proyect purged me the second time. :-0


The Wolf Reports said...

What are "feminist credentials" and why would any Marxist, male, female, either/or/both/in-post-pre transition, require, need, desire "feminist credentials."

Geez, Yoshie, is this where we wind up? Looking for feminist, Islamist credentials instead of concrete Marxist social analysis of the prospects for revolution?

I get the same feeling hearing about feminist credentials, Islamist radicalism, Persian princes, I got/get whenever I hear Archie Bell and the Drells "Tighen Up" on the radio.. can't believe I'm the only one who thinks it's a terrible song, how did it ever get to be popular, and why is it still being played.

Louis Proyect said...

Actually, the US army has a much higher percentage of women and minorities than Marxmail. I would say that is no excuse for waving pom-pom's for the US army, but then again nothing that Yoshie says nowadays surprises me. If you can write valentines for a veteran of the Iranian goon squads that forced workers to attend prayer meetings and beat up women on the street who weren't dressed properly, then why not reevaluate the progressive character of the American army?

Yoshie said...

A Marxist discussion listserve whose membership is more male-dominated than Iran's parliament and the US military has got a problem that it needs to fix.