Friday, June 24, 2005

A Zombie Revolt or Revolution?

The American working class, who live the lives of the political living dead, may be best symbolized by zombies. But don't underestimate zombies.

Land of the DeadIn the latest installment of George Romero's zombie series, Land of the Dead (2005), the rich live in a tower of luxury, separated from the poor who are still technically alive and supplied and protected by mercenaries who shoot zombies for sport. The living dead, slowly but surely, begin to communicate among their kind, develop political consciousness, and . . . pick up guns. They are armed and hungry, and they have nothing to lose! Led by a Black zombie Big Daddy, a former gas-station attendant (whose line of work probably died before his body did), they storm the enclave of the rich.

Is it a zombie revolt or revolution? We'll find out.


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Why does a picturte cover the majority of the text?

You look at the mentally comatose section of the working class and say that the working class is the living dead. I work at a major postal facility in the midwest, with thousands of workers, among who are many writers, musicians and artists and a very large number of workers who have an active and abiding hatred of the present administration and a distrust of the Dems -- but no way apparent to turn this sentiment into change.

Yeah, people seemed like zombies in 1959, too -- I was there. I would never in a million years have dreamed, graduating from high school in 1960, that the 60's as we know them were about to happen.


Unknown said...

i love George Romero flicks. can't wait to watch this one.