Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Salah Edine Sallat: Art against Torture

"Iraqi artist Salah Edine Sallat puts the final touches to a wall painting based on the US Statue of Liberty and a widely published photograph of an abused detainee at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad's Shiite neighborhood of Sadr City" (AFP/Ramzi Haidar):


Anonymous said...

We seem to forget that these guys had been detain for a reason. I think that the pictures are a bit extreme, but let's not paint these guys as innocent bystanders. All they needed was another reason to try to justify themselves to the world. Beheading an non-combatant it's an even exchange. These are the same people that drag dead americans in front of cameras, we seem to have forgotten about that one. It's easy to pass judgement when our lives are not on the line and we are a world away. Imagine it was one of your own that was paraded thru the streets and see how you react.

TheBear said...

Mr/Ms Anonymous how ignorant of you. So common-ignorant-patriotic-blinded-American of you. It is unfortunate, but many think the way you do...'lets not forget they were detained for a reason, these images are extreme...' WHAAT??? The EXTREME torture these men endured.. those who survived that is....is what one one call EXTREME. Over 90% of the detained "combatants" never had any charges brought against them.Speculatory claims followed soon after their wrongful random imprisonment for being born in a certain region and having a certain creed along with forced tortuous confessions.
These "dead americans" you describe, soldiers that illegally occupy THEIR lands, rape and torture their woman and children.. YES CHILDREN! torture them and desecrate their lands and all that they cherish.. you so easily have sympathy for "a world away" would be so silly if it werent so detrimental to the human connectivity we should all have to one anothers hurt and injustice against the innocent. Your logic places them as guilty simply because they are detained... how disgusting