Thursday, May 06, 2004

Anybody But Kerry the Dole of 2004?

The Anybody But Bush crowd -- aka the Chicken wing of the Democratic Party -- are a fickle bunch. After wasting their time attacking Ralph Nader against their own best interests, they have begun to sound a note of Anybody But Kerry: e.g., James Ridgeway, "John Kerry Must Go" (April 27, 2004); and Marc Cooper, "Not Too Late: Anybody But Kerry" (April 27, 2004). Unfortunately for Cooper and Ridgeway, it is too late, as John Nichols acknowledges:
Kerry will still be the nominee. Modern political parties lack the flexibility to clean up messes, no matter how obvious the need. The was proven in 1996, when the Republican National Convention dutifully nominated Bob Dole, despite the fact that no honest observer thought he had a chance of winning.

Will Kerry be the Dole of 2004? That's the question that the Massachusetts senator needs to sort out this month. ("Big Worries About John Kerry," May 5, 2004)
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