Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Looking for the Boss

Ever since I began working for Monthly Review, I've had a number of opportunities to see leftists display an attitude that one wouldn't expect from those who profess to stand for freedom, democracy, and the socialist way. The attitude in question basically is one of "I'm gonna complain to the boss if I don't see an employee jump when I tell her to." Today I had it spelled out by one such self-identified leftist, who wrote me: "Please also provide me with the contact details of your supervisor / line manager."


Unknown said...



Call Center

Yoshie said...

Exactly, Altaf. Socialism is supposed to be about industrial democracy and classless society, where no one is the boss of anyone. While leftists can't be expected to be free from all prejudice -- after all, we are all human -- the attitude of a customer trying to lord over a call center employee should have no place on any kind of Left . . . but it can be found on this end of the political spectrum, as it is on the other end and everywhere in-between. :-|

Jeff Rubard said...

On the other hand, Yoshie, you know auto workers make a lot of cars.

Nerd Progre said...

Great blog, no way to e-mail you. BAD. I want to speak to your maanger.


No really, you should enable your contact e-mail to be displayed on the Blogger profile.

I have done so and I'm still here, with a functioning e-mail address (in other words, GMail's spam filters filter all the spam arriving at my inbox without the need of me erasing all e-mail addresses from my blogger profile).


Sebastian said...