Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Shoes Heard round the World

Some commentators say that a defiant use of shoes is an Arab thing, and others say that it's a Muslim thing, but the idea has an undeniable universal appeal, and it might ecumenically catch on across cultures and religions.

As the POTUS spoke nonsense into the void,
His final insult to Iraqis unfurled,
There the embattled journalist stood,
And fired the shoes heard round the world.

Muntadar al-Zeidi's shoes are the Lexington and Concord of creative anti-imperialist resistance in the age of YouTube.

Goodbye Iraq


A_Skeuomorph said...

Was Krushchev Muslim? If anything, the use of the shoe originated in a Krushchev "thing" at the U.N. and against another U.S. President and policy. In terms of affectively breaking ranks of stifling (for some) protocol to get a point across the symbol of shoes just ALWAYS functions. And apparently has good chances of becoming iconic.
In a topical aside, maybe if the journalist pleads to having been depressed, and on a diet of junk food, twinkies etc... he would have pretty good chances of getting set free...

Naj said...

have you seen this: new national sport!