Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nader on Ballot for 85.2% of Voters, McKinney for 70.5%

Both Ralph Nader (85.2%) and Cynthia McKinney (70.5%) are on the ballot for far more voters this year than Nader was in 2004, though the desire for a left-wing candidate has yet to reach the level it did before 2000 (90.5%). That, as well as the relative scarcity of preventive left-wing denunciations of left-wing "spoilers" this year, may say something about Obama, leftists, and/or voters in the USA. On the same day I discovered this noteworthy trend, I learned that Peter Camejo, Nader's running mate in 2004 and principled advocate for a third party on the Left, died.


Niki said...

Have you seen this idea of a vote pact?

It's an idea for getting as many votes to third party candidates (i.e. candidates that people really want to vote for), while preventing the "spoiler" accusation.

I hate the whole "spoiler" accusation and think it is a form of coercion, but I do know a lot of people end up voting for the "lesser of two evils" because they are afraid to be "spoilers", so this is one way to address their concerns.

Unknown said...

McKinney 70.5% represent a drop due to the Green Party's failure to support Nader in 2004. I really can't see how you can spin that in the positive. The Green Party crippled themselves 4 years ago. I really don't see the Green Party making much progress in 2008.