Sunday, July 02, 2006

Venezuelan President due in Iran in Late July

Our man in Venezuela never disappoints. IRNA reports that he will arrive in Iran soon and talk with Ahmadinejad about not only energy cooperation but also "transfer of Iran's peaceful nuclear technology to its allies."
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez begins an official three-leg visit to Iran, North Korea and Vietnam in late July.

The Persian-language daily `Etemad' on Saturday quoted the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry as saying Chavez is expected to meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during his visit.

The two presidents, in their upcoming meeting, will discuss bilateral ties and cooperation particularly in the energy field.

Meanwhile, Iranian Ambassador to Caracas Ahmad Sobhani also said that Chavez, during his Tehran visit, will undoubtedly raise the issue of transfer of Iran's peaceful nuclear technology to its allies. ("Venezuelan President due in Iran in Late July," IRNA, 1 July 2006)
The best way to counter Washington's attempt to isolate, sanction, and make war on Iran is for nations allied with Iran to express their own intention to develop nuclear technology or, better yet, begin developing it already.


Bhagat said...

What sort of fantastical conflation is this? Is some demon in the service of the apocalypse paying you to publish this flimsy call for nuclear proliferation? Nuclear proliferation is the "best way" as opposed to which others?

I have your blog very informative and useful for the past two years, but this post is pure thanatos.

Revolutions are not led by presidents or generals: Have you honestly studied revolutionary history and drawn some other conclusion?

I am quite curious what on Earth your logic is here: As I see it,
21st century Washington is a fascist war-machine. Every external enemy strengthens a war-machine, so every enemy strengthens Washington.

Perhaps you have a line of reasoning beyond mere star worship? If so, I would be curious to hear it.

- Alexis Bhagat

PS: While I have the floor, one more dose of love:

"We're looking for a better world, but what do we see?
Just hatred, poverty, aggression, misery.
So much money spent on war
When three quarters of the world is so helplessly poor.
Major General Despair sits at his desk,
Planning a new mode of attack,
He's quite unconcerned about chance or risk,
The Major General's a hard nut to crack.

Oh yes, he designs a cruise missile,
Tactically sound, operationally O.K.,
While the starving crawl onto the deathpile,
They can't avoid their fate another day.

Attack on the mind, but he calls it defence,
But I ask you again who's it for?
Do the starving millions who don't stand a chance
Hope to benefit by his stupid war?

Babies crippled with hunger before they could walk,
Mothers with dry breasts cry dry tears,
And meanwhile Major General Despair gives a talk
On increasing the war budget over the years.

How can they do it, these men of steel,
How can they plot destruction, pain?
Is it the only way that they can feel,
By killing again and again?

Is it some part of themselves that has died
That permits them to plan as they do?
Or is it us that is dead, do we simply hide
From the responsibility to stop what they do?
There's so many of us, yet we let them have their way,
At this moment they're plotting and planning.
We've got to rise up to take their power away,
To save the world that they're ruining.
They're destroying the world with their maggot-filled heads,
Death, pain and mutilation,
They've got the responsibility of millions of dead.
Yet they're still bent on destruction.
The generals and politicians who advocate war should be made to wade in the truth of it,
They should spend sleepless nights shivering with fear and by day time should crawl in the deathpit.
They'll find the truth of what they've done there,
Festering corpses they and their kind made,
Eyeless skulls that endlessly stare
Having seen the truth of military trade.
The earth was our home, the wind and the air,
The blue sky, the grass and the trees,
But these masters of war, what do they care?
Only sentiments, these.
It's our world but through violence they took it away,
Took dignity, happiness, pride.
They took all the colours and changed them to grey
With the bodies of millions that died.
They destroy real meaning through their stupid games,
Make life a trial of fear.
They destroy what values we have with their aims,
Make us feel it's wrong if we care.
Well, we do care, it's our home, they've been at it too long,
If it's a fight they want, it's beginning.
Throughout history, we've been expected to sing their tired song
But now it's our turn to lead the singing...
Fight war, not wars,
Make peace, not war.
Fight war, not wars,
We know you've heard it before.
Fight war, not wars,
Make peace, not war.
Fight war, not wars,
Make peace, not war.
Fight war, not wars,
Make love, not war.
Fight war, not wars,
Make love, not war.
1 - 2 - 3 - 4
We don't want your fucking war.
1 - 2 - 3 - 4
We don't want your fucking war."

- Crass

John Brown said...

Great post as usual, Yoshie.

I couldn't agree more that we must support any political and diplomatic challenges that expose Uncle Sam's rank, naked hypocrisy.

And, considering how much Uncle Sam bankrolls a nuclear pariah like Apartheid Israel, its jaw-flapping directed at Venezuela and Iran does just that.

All Iran and Venezuela need to do, in order to fan Uncle Sam's bluster, is simply act normally.
Just as we must support Hamas, Hizbullah, and Syria as they confront the Apartheid colony currently attacking Gaza, we must stand in Solidarity with Iran and Venezuela as they unite to challenge the hegemony of Uncle Sam by any means necessary.

bc said...

Great to see the Russo-Venezuelan ties, with the recent sale of Russian war planes to Caracas, IIRC.

Yoshie said...

Nuclear technology development doesn't necessarily entail nuclear weapons development. Nuclear power provides nearly 80% of France's electricity -- is France a horseman of apocalypse? The only concerns I have about Iran, Venezuela, etc. making use of nuclear technology is the same concern I have about any other country that has done so or may do so: health and environmental concerns.